Friday, June 12, 2009

Regional Relics Post 5: Maple Syrup

The tradition of making maple syrup has been going on for centuries, initially used by Native Americans before European settlers discovered it. Even today, some of the traditional methods of transforming the sugar sap into syrup remain the same, which is why Michigan made maple syrup is our 5th and last Regional Relic item.

You can find jugs of this sweet stuff in almost every general store you visit in Michigan, but you can also visit places like Currey Farms for bulk inquiries.

Select a few jars of maple cream to add to your wedding cake, or for a sampling of wedding cupcakes. You could also whip up a clever morning after breakfast basket with a spread of syrup choices, fresh fruit, juices, and pancake, muffin or scone mixes. We like Bob’s Red Mill brand the best (even though they’re based out of Oregon).

You can find out more information at the Michigan maple syrup association, here.

Photo sources: cupcakeswaffles, breakfast dry mixes, syrup bottles.


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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

let the battle of the Michigan Syrup and the Vermont begin!

(I have to admit, i've never tried it from Michigan..., I'll give a try!)

Hope all is well. I just announced our new Wedding Inspiration Board Contest! I hope you're thinking of entering!?