Friday, July 10, 2009

Vintage Framed Chalkboards

I love the blue bell bazaar shop on Etsy… so much that I find myself looking for excuses to browse. “Oh”, I think, “I could use this beaker as a trendy vase for my new mod bathroom”. Don’t need it, but must have it!

One thing blue bell bazaar is famous for, are their collection of vintage framed chalkboards. I love the muted colors and heirloom look, which is why I think they’d fit perfectly in a vintage inspired wedding. Indoors or out, you could write the menu on here, or the series of events for your ceremony (in lieu of a program).

Here are a few other ideas:

+ have guests write a message or draw pictures on it instead of using a guestbook. Then photograph it at the end of the night

+ Use it to write out a hand scribed thank you message to all your guests

+ Use multiple boards to point out places like the restroom, parking or beverage stations

+ Use mini chalkboards to name each table. Leave a few pieces of chalk out for the kids (or adults) to doodle.

The framed chalkboards are very affordable and would make a great statement in your home after the wedding as well!

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anna and the ring said...

I really want one of these.

Kristin said...

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous! I'm thinking about getting one for my office! :)