Saturday, December 22, 2007

All That Glitters...

I am a huge advocate of hiding a pair of fun pumps underneath that wedding gown, which is why I’m obsessed with these metallic heels! Depending on if you prefer silver or gold, these shoes could potentially go with any wedding gown known to (wo)man. Not to mention—how fun are these—you can whip em out to show people your bling.

Clockwise from top left; Chinese Laundry “Willy” (2), Nine West "Jojus", and “Onyx” by Gina (this one is busting the budget, but I couldn’t resist!)

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Sacred Moment Weddings said...

I love the "funky pumps" under the dress too! These are fun and fashionable too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll peek in on you too!