Monday, December 31, 2007

Gold digger!

Inspired by Jennifer Behr's holiday collection, I have decided to put together an inspiration board for a dazzling New Years Eve wedding. This wedding includes a glowing gold and chocolate brown color scheme with a vintage and formal feel. Links below.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winter ice drops

This necklace and earings set remind me so much of a cool winter wedding. The ice blue drops would accent a white dress nicely and can be your "something blue". It's formal enough to withstand a fancy-shmancy event, but is also trendy enough to wear over and over again, after the big day.

Both pieces come from the Fleur Jewelry store by Brooke Berryhill, who has an assortment of other designs aside from her bridal collection.

These would make great gifts too!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Apple favors

Stuck in the middle of a Michigan snowstorm, I am dreaming of spring and summer! Hence my post about mini apple candles—a cute idea for a combo place card and favor. At Wax wizard candles I found three different colors; green, red, and yellow, all with a realistic brown wick. These would look great in a pink and green summer wedding, or use the red and yellow apples in an autumn wedding. This look has also been featured on the knot.

This look could also be achieved with an edible apple or crabapple for an outdoor wedding, and just imagine the apple scent!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Two-for-one friday

It’s Friday and I’m still in the “wedding hair” mood, ah!! So instead of obsessing about it for the rest of the evening, I’m just going to write another post about it and get it out of my system. TGIF!

As opposed to my earlier hair accessory post, the hair pin above is a bit flashier and appropriate for a more trendy wedding—maybe something with a bird theme? It appears pretty versatile, meaning it can be worn with an up do or with your hair down and dainty. Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz.

I love it, and it’s colorful siblings which can be found on the k. autumn website. She also does some custom pieces, so inquire within for more details.

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Recycled poppy bobbypin

Made of repurposed vintage fabric, these silky poppies would be perfect as an accessory to a glam hair-do. They come from the Etsy shop of foundling, and cost about $6.00 per bobbypin. This would be a great “something old” to add to your wedding, and a great opportunity to give that vintage fabric a new life! I would like to see a cluster of these tucked into a French twist or something like that. They are a great alternative to having one huge flower in your hair, since they are small in size.

The photo on the left is from the foundling shop, and the photo on the right is a sample of a hairstyle which would work well with this type of accessory (just picture that huge flower replaced by a handful of cute poppies). Photo by Tim Geaney.

A splash of red tucked into your wedding day do is creative and unique, so play with those splashes of color!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Light up my life

My mom and I always look for something unique to create each year for Christmas gifts for the ladies in our family. Last year we took on the teacup candle project, which was one of my favorites! I love collecting eclectic antiques, like teacups, but am not the type of person who likes nick-nacks all over, so these teacup lites are a perfect balance of a useful collection! We pulled the idea out of a Martha Stewart Living magazine, and started collecting antique teacups (some that had lost their saucers) to fill with yummy smelling candles.

We did not use recycled candles (indicated in these directions I found online), but that would be a great and green way to use up old wax without costing you a penny! Pictured on the left are the candles from Martha, and on the right is the one I made.

I think these would make beautiful bridal shower gifts or look eye-catching as a part of a centerpiece. Can you say tea party themed shower? How fun!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Photo booth fun

Hello all, and Happy Holidays. I am back in action after a short but sweet Christmas celebration with lots of friends and family. It was our first Christmas together (Joe and I as a husband and wife), and was wonderful to spend it together. It was a tough one this year, with the loss of my Dad, November 3, 2007, but he made sure everything was perfect for me.

Enough ramble about me, onto the good stuff. I recently discovered the possibilities available to the general public regarding photo booths.
 Basically, you can rent one for your reception and have some good clean fun! I’ve done some research and found that there are rental places all over the US, which means anyone can do this, and they aren’t very expensive. I think this would be a great favor, not to mention (DIYers) the endless scrapbooking possibilities with the photo strips!!

The photo above is from a site called Party Booths. Check out their sample galleries, so much fun! This is just one of many sites that offer this service, so google photo booths in your area. Now!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

I’m officially off to engorge myself with rich food and strong drinks—after all it is the holiday season—which I will most likely regret later, but eh. I doubt I will have time to post any wedding fun-ness until Wednesday, so have a memorable holiday!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

All That Glitters...

I am a huge advocate of hiding a pair of fun pumps underneath that wedding gown, which is why I’m obsessed with these metallic heels! Depending on if you prefer silver or gold, these shoes could potentially go with any wedding gown known to (wo)man. Not to mention—how fun are these—you can whip em out to show people your bling.

Clockwise from top left; Chinese Laundry “Willy” (2), Nine West "Jojus", and “Onyx” by Gina (this one is busting the budget, but I couldn’t resist!)

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Friday, December 21, 2007


Jessica Johnston is a goddess of photography, enough said. I have admired her work for many months now and constantly check out her blog and wedding portfolio just to see the shiny happy people. It puts a smile on my face, what can I say? She really has an eye for the perfect wedding photos, creating some very cinematic and dramatic pictures in a photojournalism style. Her photos aren’t clogged with photo effects that are just going to leave your photos crusty and dated in a few years. Instead she uses her background in graphic design to pull out the vivid moments with color and a lot of—timeless—black and white shots.

If you’re near the Metro Detroit area look her up, and keep in mind—she will travel all over the US and abroad!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gifts for the Girls

Finding a gift for the girls can always be a trick. But with the help of Lisa Stickley, you could have a great zippered makeup bag. These beautiful bags boast either a geometric flamingo print or a flower burst print handmade and printed by Lisa herself, sold at Uncommon Goods. They are fully functional with their plasticoat and extra durable with a full liner. Pair this set with a sexy tampon case, also found at Uncommon Goods, and you have a girl’s gift from heaven!

Don't worry if you can't find that "perfect" gift for your ladies, because it is so hard to find something personal for your entire BP. Instead, get them something trendy that they will use instead of a keepsake item.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

White (house) Dresses!

Anytime I am searching for that perfect black (or white) dress for a more formal affair, I immediately think White House Black Market! They never let me down with their dresses and gowns, and they always have something new and trendy in their stores. Which is why I poked my nose around there to see if I could find some appropriate and chic wedding gowns. My poking was a success and I was able to snag two that I absolutely love! These dresses are perfect for that bride who wants to play up her looks and accessories rather than a lacey, frilly dress. With a dress like the two above you could pull off a bold necklace, a crazy up do, or even add some pizzazz with a colored sash to tie around your waist. These are the types of dresses that never go out of style, something that your children will dream to wear, and something you won’t regret buying 30 years from now (I bet you can’t say that about those bridesmaid dresses hanging in your closet)! Plus who can beat a wedding dress for under $300—not even the clearance rack at David’s Bridal will let you get out the door for that.

When choosing a gown for your wedding, think about the atmosphere you want to set up. A huge princess dress with a flowing train isn’t ideal for an outdoor wedding, and also a simple gown with no train is probably going to be out of place in a huge cathedral. Fit your dress with your theme, and everything else will fall into place.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Winter Wedding Favors

I’ve always wondered why seasonal weddings—like Christmas and New Years—are becoming so popular. Being from Michigan, I never pictured myself in a wedding gown, dashing through the snow. But after seeing the assortment of wonderful themed favors, I am jealous for the creativity available to winter brides. The snow and ice are so naturally beautiful, it’s no wonder the favors that follow in their foot steps are just as stunning. You will see lots of silver and metallics in this season, and lots of sparkling snow!

For most of us, Christmas is all about discovering what Santa has put in your stocking this year, which is why I think carrying out this tradition as a wedding favor is genius! Fill these stockings—from Beaucoup—with candy canes chocolate or use them as a silverware holder! There is a perfect place for a name tag, which means a momentous keepsake ornament for your guests to enjoy at home.

If you’re into DIY, you could easily take on the project of sewing these at home, where you then have the option of picking fabric that matches perfectly!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Have your cake!

I don't know about the majority of brides to be, but for me, when it came to picking a cake, my fiancé wanted an input on it. I remember going through snapshots with our baker, and to him everything had too many flowers or bows on it. We finally settled with something that matched both of our tastes—but it took a lot of negotiation. It was elegant and simple, all in the same bite! This cake is from Maisie Fantaisie, who is based out of the UK. She has a variety of different looks on her site, ranging from graphic and whimsical to simple and pretty. All of the cakes carry out clean lines and then play off of a theme—like playful, elegant or feminine. I picture the lace matching the detail on the bride’s dress. Got a scalloped lace dress? Match it with a scalloped lace trim on your cake! Absolutely hate lace? Try replacing the lace with layered satin bands!

The tiniest detail, in something as personal as your gown, can be a great theme to carry throughout the rest of the wedding too!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Planning a Wedding...

...its both magical and stressful, which is why no one should have to do it on their own. It you're lucky enough to have a fiancé who loves to get knee deep in the knitty gritty details, hang on to him, and happy planning! For everyone else out there, follow along and learn how you can transform your wedding into something unique, personal and eye-catching.

This blog was created for the sole purpose of inspiring you with new and innovative ideas in the wedding industry. There are a million and one ways to get that custom look on your wedding day, and they are all right at your fingertips!

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