Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vanilla Bake Shop

I'm sure many of you have heard of Vanilla Bake Shop, they're famous for their cupcakes, which are rumored to taste as lovely as they look! I haven't had the pleasure of dropping by the bakery myself, but even Martha is raving about them! I love the look of their website, it's simple, retro and packed with tons of photos. I spied this sunny yellow cake that I just couldn't stop drooling over.

It's a fresh color that would compliment a spring wedding wonderfully!

Check out the Vanilla Bake Shop for more yummy pictures!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Paper Wreaths

A new take on wedding wreaths... with paper! Elizabeth Jackson creates these intricate wreaths from pages of antique books, then adds personal touches like the butterfly, or a little message. How delightful would it be to have Elizabeth create a custom wreath for your wedding out of your favorite poetry book, or childhood story?

Visually, I love the way the paper cones layer onto each other, exposing bits of color and text. And, if you're at all crafty, you could add a silky ribbon with a monogram or a pair of love birds to it!

Check out her Etsy shop: Haru. See her Flickr albums for more photos of custom wreaths.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cake by Flours

I am in love with this sparkly cake by Flours! I'm a big fan of the little details, so the floral piping on each layer just makes me melt! Flours is based in San Francisco, and serves the Bay Area, Napa, and Sonoma Counties. Just looking at a few of their suggested wedding cake flavors makes me think this tasting session would be well worth it! I mean how can you resist Berries and Cream, or Coffee!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love Birds Cake Topper

For a one stop shop for everything wedding related, you absolutely have to stop by Products with Personality. They have everything from favors and accessories to party supplies and announcements! I love this contemporary cake top, for the love birds! It's subtle, sweet and will obviously go with any color scheme! Picture this on an all white cake... can you see it?!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Navy Blue Inspirations

Navy blue is one of my favorite colors, especially for weddings. It's polished, modern and punchy! I also love combining it with natural green and white floral arrangements for even more color contrast! Here are a few ideas I threw together for my sister-in-law... enjoy!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Monday

I really hate to do this, but I'm going to have to hold off on any posts today. I'm overloaded with some last minute projects and will be focusing all of my attention on them today. Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Cordon Bleu Fromage Plates a la Target

Gotta love this set of cheese plates, perfect for hosting appetizers and drinks, as a lovely married couple! I found these at my oh-so-trendy-go-to-store; Target. Check out the wine country inspired plates here!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentines at Bold Loft

Have you seen these adorable sets of valentine's mugs from Bold Loft? There are so many designs to choose from, and each one makes me smile. Plus, who doesn't need another coffee mug around the house, especially if you can match your hubby or fiance!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Favor bags from beaucoup

beaucoup never fails to please me when I'm looking for something new. I saw these little "to-go" bags on their website and wanted to snatch some up for my next dinner party. I love how casual and fun these are, perfect for surprising guests with a little treat. They're italian made and embossed with a light floral design.

The twine doesn't come with them, but is a great idea to add that flavor of the outdoors to your favors! If that doesn't suit you, check out the handful of colored ribbons found at beaucoup!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photographic moments by Mel Barlow

Love this photo by Mel barlow, its so playful! This is one of those inspirational moments that should help encourage you to have some fun at your wedding! Let loose and don't be afraid to act a little silly. Many of our favorite wedding shots are the result of being a little playful, they're unique and personal... so get out there on your big day and create some unforgettable memories!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

April Foster Events Giveaway!

The lovely April Foster of April Foster Events is holding a week full of giveaways, in honor of her new website and blog launch, starting today!

Giveaway: Day 1 is actually a set of thank you cards made by yours truly! I can't wait to see what else April has in store for us! Check out her blog for more information.

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Glass jars turned vintage

Lately I've been intrigued by those lovely vintage blue glass jars you see on the tables of chic outdoor weddings. I did a little bit of research on these, to see how economical they were in bulk, and found that they can range anywhere from $5-$15 per jar, depending on how rare they are. I was a bit surprised by this, and thought there had to be a better way to achieve the same look, so I went in search of a way to "dye" a regular quart sized jar, to mimic the look of the old Ball Perfect Mason Jars.

Here's my photo recap:

I used a product called Vitrea 160, which is a transparent color for glass, in a shade called turquoise. I also purchased some thinner from the same product line, so I could get a really faint look. After scooping out a small amount of the turquoise color (a dot about the size of the nail on my pinky finger) into a plastic tupperware container, I dipped my fan brush into the thinner bottle and then mixed that into the blue. That's really all you need, and after I was finished, I realized I could have colored 5 more jars with the amount of turquoise I had left.

I flipped my jar upside down and placed it into another plastic tupperware container, then brushed the outside of the jar with the mixture in thin, even strokes from top to bottom. It looks a bit bright and cloudy at this point, but bear with me! You then have to let it set for 24 hours before you bake it in the oven for 40 minutes at 375 degrees F. After it bakes and cools, the majority of your brushstrokes should disappear, so don't worry if it isn't perfect! Once you fill the jar with water and flowers any small brushstrokes that may still be present will fade even more.

The best part of this project (besides the fact that it's super easy) is that it's cheap. The two bottles of Vitrea 160 were $8.00 total, and the glass jar was free (leftover container from MIL). If you didn't have any relatives who could give you 12 or more glass quart jars, you could easily buy them from any grocery store or craft store, or look on craigslist. Here are a few links: Walmart (12 for $17.98), Amazon (12 for $7.72). So basically you could do a case of 12 jars for about $1.50, not bad! Throw in a $7.00 supermarket bouquet and you're in business!

NOTE: This project is best suited for use with flowers and water, rather than with candles. Any brush strokes that may be left over from baking the jar will be hidden by the water and stems.


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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Digital Paintings by labokoff

Before Christmas time, I decided to purchase a few original pieces of art from Etsy seller labokoff. She's based in Paris, France and combines her photography and painting skills to create these lovely digital renderings. I love them all but decided on going with the sous la pluie and the coquelicot. I knew they'd be the perfect addition to our dusty blue bedroom walls, that severely lacked character.

Here they are!

I'm so happy with the prints themselves, and I think you all should check out the Etsy shop of labokoff! She has a wonderful line of postcards for sale, that would be just perfect as table numbers or in lieu of a guest book!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

DIY Valentines for Kids

I saw this adorable idea for a DIY valentine project on the Martha Stewart site. It's so appropriate for kids, and would probably save you some money if you tend to go for the store-bought candy valentines. Plus how fun and easy would this be for your own kids!

A little unrelated to weddings, but I had to share none the less!

Learn how here!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Blogs We Love: Weddings Unveiled

Weddings Unveiled has recently been added to the list of my favorite wedding blogs! From the creators of the Weddings Unveiled Magazine, this blog has some amazing recaps of real weddings, and practical ideas for the the whole planning process.

Right now they’re sponsoring a yummy giveaway… new cookbooks from Baked! Run right over to the blog and post your favorite cake cutting photos! 

Flip through the stunning Weddings Unveiled Magazine here!



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Jumbo balloons take center stage

Balloons pretty much scream party, so why not scream a little louder with these jumbo balloons. They're so adorable as embellishments at a birthday party, but also versatile enough to be featured at the cake table as well!

I love the fact that the balloons take center stage, so large floral centerpieces are no longer necessary. This might also be a good option if your venue has high ceilings, or for a dramatic entry way.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Food Stylist: Paul Lowe

Food stylists have always intrigued me, especially since I’ve hosted a dinner party or two. I mean presentation is everything! I’m really inspired by the blog of food stylist Paul Lowe. The images on his blog and site are marvelous! I also love the fact that he includes a few recipes with some of his posts (Recipe Monday). Way to share the love Paul!

Check out Paul's blog for many other design, craft & food inspirations!

Beautifully styled dishes will, no doubt, make your guests feel special and important. It's a detail that is rarely overlooked! Take note if you want your caterer to present a tasty and pretty dish to your guests at rehearsal or your reception!

Skagen salad, Brie cheese, Prune & Yoghurt cocktail, Spring rolls

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heart of Gold, paper mache valentine

Just popped over to the Etsy shop of Palomasnest to see what was new and found these fascinating paper mache valentines. They're adorable!

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Meant to Bee

A honey inspired wedding... how sweet!

As I’m sipping my honey laced chamomile tea this morning, it occurred to me that this sweet substance could be a great color and theme inspiration for a wedding! Outdoors, amongst the birds and the bees, is where you’ll find this spring-time wedding.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Michigan Photographer: Ben Harrison

Another fabulous Michigan vendor I thought I would share with you all… Ben Harrison Photography.

I caught up with Ben and his wife, Laura, last week where they filled me in on the details of their fresh photographic outlook.

Ben and Laura have been shooting weddings together for 4 years, after relocating to MI to attend Kendall College of Art & Design for Ben’s MFA in photography. These two seem to be some kind of super team, producing the most moving photos, and really keeping their hearts in it.

Ben had stated “… I realized that I had a passion for documenting love and relationships and basically dove in headfirst!”

Even though the couple is based in Michigan, they are available world wide, and really enjoy shooting in new locations. It’s a great way for them to stretch their creativity and comfort zone. Plus who could blame them for wanting to escape these dreary Michigan winters?

I asked Ben & Laura to classify their photographic style, and they came back with; Creative, Modern, and Authentic. I would have to completely agree as their images evoke visual delight, keep with the current trends, and follow along on the bride and groom’s journey.

Check out their 
website and blog for more incredible images!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Harmony: the jewelry and the dress

Bonnie from Bonita J, the online jewelry shop, has some insightful tips on how to pick the perfect accessories for your big day!

Pulling your entire look together for your most beautiful day is one of the fun parts of planning your wedding.  Finding the right bridal accessories to match that gorgeous gown is essential to polishing off your look.  A wedding necklace is the perfect accessory to draw attention to the detail and style of your gown and here are a few hints to consider when selecting your wedding necklace.

A beautiful draping lariat is the perfect wedding accessory for that backless dress. With luscious pearls and crystals flowing in a beautiful pattern down your open back, you’ll look stunning walking down the aisle.  This type of necklace can also work well for strapless gowns.

The sweetheart, scoop neck, and v-neck style gowns all have several wedding necklace options. Many accessories flatter these gowns, but a y-drop or pendant style necklace accents your neckline perfectly.  The drop style works well to add a simple and classic look with coordinating colors that draw attention to the neckline.  Other options to accent these gown styles are chokers, single strand, multiple strand necklaces and illusion style necklaces.

The jewel, bateau and halter necklines limit your selection if you want to avoid them overlapping your gown.  The choker style necklace or small single strand necklaces look the best. This is because the high neckline only allows a small area to fit a necklace nicely.

Portrait or off the shoulder gowns, asymmetric, scoop neck and square neck gowns work well with single and double strand necklaces.  A nice way to add a little drama to the neckline is to double up your necklace, have a longer and shorter version of the same necklace that you wear together or add a chunky style necklace for a fuller look.

Whatever necklace you decide on to compliment your wedding attire, pick the one you fall in love with, that makes you fell pretty, and accentuates your best features.  Remember that after the wedding is over, your wedding day jewelry can be worn for many more special occasions, unlike other accessories.

Here are a few examples of Bonnie's beautiful wedding accessories:

You can find options like these and much more by visiting the Bonita J website, here!

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