Monday, December 17, 2007

Have your cake!

I don't know about the majority of brides to be, but for me, when it came to picking a cake, my fiancé wanted an input on it. I remember going through snapshots with our baker, and to him everything had too many flowers or bows on it. We finally settled with something that matched both of our tastes—but it took a lot of negotiation. It was elegant and simple, all in the same bite! This cake is from Maisie Fantaisie, who is based out of the UK. She has a variety of different looks on her site, ranging from graphic and whimsical to simple and pretty. All of the cakes carry out clean lines and then play off of a theme—like playful, elegant or feminine. I picture the lace matching the detail on the bride’s dress. Got a scalloped lace dress? Match it with a scalloped lace trim on your cake! Absolutely hate lace? Try replacing the lace with layered satin bands!

The tiniest detail, in something as personal as your gown, can be a great theme to carry throughout the rest of the wedding too!

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