Thursday, December 27, 2007

Light up my life

My mom and I always look for something unique to create each year for Christmas gifts for the ladies in our family. Last year we took on the teacup candle project, which was one of my favorites! I love collecting eclectic antiques, like teacups, but am not the type of person who likes nick-nacks all over, so these teacup lites are a perfect balance of a useful collection! We pulled the idea out of a Martha Stewart Living magazine, and started collecting antique teacups (some that had lost their saucers) to fill with yummy smelling candles.

We did not use recycled candles (indicated in these directions I found online), but that would be a great and green way to use up old wax without costing you a penny! Pictured on the left are the candles from Martha, and on the right is the one I made.

I think these would make beautiful bridal shower gifts or look eye-catching as a part of a centerpiece. Can you say tea party themed shower? How fun!

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Aimee Bennet said...

these are so cute! I'm thinking about trying one out just for myself, I'll let you know how it turns out!