Wednesday, December 19, 2007

White (house) Dresses!

Anytime I am searching for that perfect black (or white) dress for a more formal affair, I immediately think White House Black Market! They never let me down with their dresses and gowns, and they always have something new and trendy in their stores. Which is why I poked my nose around there to see if I could find some appropriate and chic wedding gowns. My poking was a success and I was able to snag two that I absolutely love! These dresses are perfect for that bride who wants to play up her looks and accessories rather than a lacey, frilly dress. With a dress like the two above you could pull off a bold necklace, a crazy up do, or even add some pizzazz with a colored sash to tie around your waist. These are the types of dresses that never go out of style, something that your children will dream to wear, and something you won’t regret buying 30 years from now (I bet you can’t say that about those bridesmaid dresses hanging in your closet)! Plus who can beat a wedding dress for under $300—not even the clearance rack at David’s Bridal will let you get out the door for that.

When choosing a gown for your wedding, think about the atmosphere you want to set up. A huge princess dress with a flowing train isn’t ideal for an outdoor wedding, and also a simple gown with no train is probably going to be out of place in a huge cathedral. Fit your dress with your theme, and everything else will fall into place.

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