Monday, September 22, 2008

Caramel apple favors

I just ran across this handy tutorial for caramel apple favors that double as place card holders! This tutorial comes from the blog of The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza, and is probably the most specific tutorial I have ever seen, it's great! I'm a huge fan of caramel apples, especially straight from the orchard or cider mill. It's another clever idea for fall weddings, and something that I've never seen before.

Depending on how many guests you have, this could be a great DIY project for you and your closest friends! If you are having a large wedding, buying pre-made caramel apples in bulk would be another option, and then cover them in fabric yourself!

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Melanie@The Wedding Bistro said...

Hello Kristin. Thank you for featuring our idea. It's very nice of you! Keep up the great blog!

All the best,
Contributing Editor
(The Wedding Bistro)