Friday, September 5, 2008

Sinfully Simple

I ran across this beautifully simple gown by BCBG at the Nordstrom's site and fell in love! This is one of those no-hassle-no-pulling-at-it-all-night-gorgeous kind of dress. It's definitely got a price tag anyone could love, and it looks like it would be a perfect dancin' dress!

After seeing both sides of a wedding, the simple and the elaborate, my vote definitely goes to simple. 

After having a beautiful strapless wedding gown, equipped with train and all, I know how hard it was to keep it in one place. I have vivid memories of something poking me in the back all night, and someone stepping on my train, busting the bustle. Eh, it happens (luckily it was at the end of the night), but I would have totally traded all of that for a simple, chic look like this one!

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aletha :: pearls events said...

This is absolutely gorgeous and I agree with you on ALL POINTS about the simple vs. elaborate.

I was going to buy a simple ivory 'maid gown to wear as a wedding dress, but my mother was so shocked, but I went the traditional route. Looking back, I wish I would have stuck to my guns and gone simple!