Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been tagged... a month ago

So almost a month ago I was tagged by Amanda of Vintage & Glam, but it has taken me this long to actually follow through with my side of things! Woops.

4 Things I Did Today:

1. Posted to my daily blog {bridal buzz}

2. Completed a few price lists for clients

3. Returned calls and emails

4. Am cooking chili in the crock pot as we speak (does that even count?).

4 Things On My To Do List:

1. Create!

2. Make more papier mache pumpkins

3. Look for an antique desk to replace the one in my studio from office max.

4. Start thinking of a design for this year’s annual Christmas revelry.

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures:

1. Reese’s peanut butter cups, yum

2. John & Kate plus 8

3. Facebook

4. picking up old furniture from the side of the road.

4 Random Facts About Me:

1. Most nail polish colors look awful on my fingers

2. I talk to my two dogs like they are children (husband hates it)

3. My studio is almost always a mess (“can we meet at the coffee shop?”)

4. I am always over budget.

and I tag….

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