Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mini herb garden favors

Mini herb gardens are a perfect favor for almost everyone. Who wouldn’t want a selection of fresh basil or cilantro to cook with! These mini potted herbs would be a great parting gift for your wedding attendants, and would add to your venue décor. Use them as place card holders, as a centerpiece, or even as an inspiration to the rest of your wedding theme.

There are a few different options out there, depending on how involved you would like to get.

(1) is a mixed herb garden, packed with all of the necessary ingredients to grow fresh herbs right in the adorable galvanized pail. Found at Swallowtail Farms.

(2) is a matchstick garden, packaged in a tiny matchbook, grow your favorite stalks by planting each matchstick into soil (pot not included). The matchstick gardens are available in mixed herbs, Italian garden or mixed greens, yum! Found at Brooklyn 5 and 10.

(3) the old fashioned way. Purchase a bag of potting soil, mini terra cotta pots and your favorite herbs and garden away! For best results, I would suggest doing this no more than a week in advance. That way you don’t need to keep up on watering duty as you rush around trying to tie up loose ends before the wedding!

Here is a helpful tutorial:

Mini Herb Kits

Tip: in addition to the favors, name each table a different herb instead of a number, which will tie in to your green theme! You could also attach a favorite recipe, using the herb favors, to the pot using a pretty ribbon or twine.

photo credit: rosemary, herb pail, navajo pink salvia, place card pots, matchstick garden, herb place setting.

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Polka Dot Bride said...

I'm a bit of a herb addict so I love this favor idea! It would smell delicious too!

Anonymous said...

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