Thursday, October 30, 2008

With love from Martha

This week I was included in a recipe exchange, via email, and was delighted at the idea that I could be the lucky recipient of 36 new recipes! (Thanks Steph!)

In honor of those new recipes, I'm most likely going to need some storage... enter Martha! This sleek recipe box is a perfect gift (for me or for a bride)! It also comes in red, which will match my wine inspired kitchen... yes! I found this at Macy's, along with the colander and book.

This could also serve as a lovely accessory to any bridal shower. Provide recipe cards with your bridal shower invitation, and a little note to remind guests to fill in the card before they arrive. Then file the recipes as guests file in, kind of like the card box at a wedding! It's a great way to get the newlyweds started on the right foot... with some good eats!

My mom and bridesmaids had a similar idea at my bridal shower, where they provided self-addressed envelopes and a recipe card at the actual shower, so that guests could take it with them and send me a delicious recipe later. This worked out well, but I think a few people forgot to send them back (no biggie, I still love you).

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sjponte15 said...

Yeah! I hope you gets lots of good recipes!!