Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday cocktails

A festive winter cocktail can top off any brisky wedding, because who can honestly drink a seabreeze in the dead of winter? I love those warming liqueurs on a day like today, we're practically snowed in! This cocktail comes straight out of InStyle, you can find more here, and enjoy the recipe below (but maybe, wait until afternoon)!

Ixchel Winter Cocktail

(Makes one serving)

½ oz. Xanath vanilla liquor 

½ oz. Agavero tequila 

½ oz. Damiana liquor 

½ oz. 1921 tequila cream 

2 tsp. cold espresso 

1 tsp. ground coffee 

1 tsp. sugar 

Cinnamon stick 


Mix the ground coffee with the sugar and line the rim of a glass with the mix. Pour the Xanath, Agavero and espresso into the glass. In a blender, blend the tequila cream and Damiana with ice and slowly pour this into the glass to maintain separate levels of liquids. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

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