Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unique gifts for a unique couple...

We all have them… unique friends who despise the idea of a wedding registry. I’m always in a pickle when it comes time to present them with something that they will actually use (at least as a conversation piece)!

Today I discovered, and am happy to share this surplus of off the wall objects with you! Not only does have toast shaped bandages, and lumberjack briefs, they also have a collection of beautiful accessories. It reminds me a lot of little pieces of Etsy, rolled into one amusing store.

A few of my quirky favorites:

Handmade HellosPanda CalendarFashion Oragami, and Personal Library Kit.

Aside from entertaining gifts, they also have a few items that would be perfect for favors! Flowers in a Can are an eye catching favor. And this trendy LOMO action sampler would be a great idea for some action shots at the wedding!

Don’t forget to check out their new blog, here!


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