Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday yarn wreath at Starbucks

I was in Starbucks last week for a consultation and spotted this unique rendering of a holiday wreath. I refrained from taking a million pictures of it from every possible angle, and instead, put it on my mental to-do list and came home to google it... turns out many other people have already done just that. I googled "starbucks yarn wreath" and a whole pile of comments and photos of these things came up. I found this post from the Inspired Kara blog, complete with directions on how to make your own!

Even though this is obviously a holiday project, it could always be adapted to wedding decor by using shades of ivory and gold yarn and ornaments or even bright white and silver!

I am definitely making one of these, especially since all holiday decor is 70% off at Michael's this week!

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