Thursday, January 15, 2009

Food Stylist: Paul Lowe

Food stylists have always intrigued me, especially since I’ve hosted a dinner party or two. I mean presentation is everything! I’m really inspired by the blog of food stylist Paul Lowe. The images on his blog and site are marvelous! I also love the fact that he includes a few recipes with some of his posts (Recipe Monday). Way to share the love Paul!

Check out Paul's blog for many other design, craft & food inspirations!

Beautifully styled dishes will, no doubt, make your guests feel special and important. It's a detail that is rarely overlooked! Take note if you want your caterer to present a tasty and pretty dish to your guests at rehearsal or your reception!

Skagen salad, Brie cheese, Prune & Yoghurt cocktail, Spring rolls

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sweet paul said...

Wow, you make me blush.
Thank you so much.

Jennifer said...

Yum! Stop making me hungry Kristin! :)