Saturday, January 3, 2009

LOMO: Actionsampler

Lets put a twist on the trend of leaving disposable cameras at each table... introducing the Actionsampler by Lomography. If you haven't heard of Lomography, run right over to their official website, here. These little cameras are packed with four lenses, that's right, four! With one shot you get a series of four images on a single print, ideal for capturing those 5 second moments! These particular cameras do not have a flash, so outdoor shots will probably yield the best photos. I can just picture a few of these set out among guests and the bridal party (with directions of course), and some entertaining action shots being developed after the wedding. This would make for one memorable album!

Here are a few shots taken by Actionsampler lovers.

sources: Top, Left, Right

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sjponte15 said...

Those are so neat. I should get some for our trip and our reception back in MI. Then I could make a book from them! Once again, thanks for all the great ideas!

bridal buzz said...

Yeah! Photos of your trip would be awesome! I actually own one of these, and am thinking I should take it to our next outdoor wedding to see how they turn out!

Amanda ( said...

I have one of these and they are so much fun!
I recommend, however, buying the highest ISO film you find!

Anonymous said...

Great news! They make one with a flash now! Just bought it! Thanks!