Monday, February 16, 2009

Watters bridal gowns

I'm married. Have been for a year and 7 months now, but I still cannot resist browsing through wedding gowns. I strongly feel that us married gals should create a new social "norm", where every 5 years or so we get to celebrate our anniversary with a new wedding gown and a mini-reception. Styles are changing constantly, and there are so many gowns out there that I would love to wear now. Ones that weren't even available when I was gown shopping. Talk about not fair!

We will think about that one... but for now, here are my favorites from Watters Brides!

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bridechic said...

Love W & W. Right prices for beautiful designs

Anonymous said...

I am the same way. I am such a fan of Watters' dresses. They are timeless and simply gorgeous.

Laura said...

I second the 5 year anniversary idea!

wedding flowers indianapolis said...

Watters bridal gowns are beautiful and looking cute. Its a good idea of marriage anniversary with a new wedding gown.