Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthdays + Cupcakes, like peas in a pod

Today is my 23rd birthday, and what would a birthday be without cake? My husband and I will never finish a whole cake, so instead I think we’ll indulge in some sweet confections from our local gourmet cupcake shop.

Speaking of cupcakes, I ran across the wonderfully talented Cheryl Porro — software quality engineer by day and baker for hire by night. Cheryl operates a fun little blog called Cupcake Bakeshop, where she posts unique cupcake recipes along with tantalizing photos (caution: drooling may occur).

Not only do I love Cheryl’s photos, I love the ingredients and toppings she throws together. Let’s face it, she blows Martha out of the water in the cupcake department.

If I were in San Francisco today, I would definitely request a birthday treat from Cheryl, but until then, I’ll just flip through her pictures and recipes… dreaming.

{All photos courtesy of Cheryl Porro}

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Carol said...

Have a wonderful birthday!