Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mossy Centerpieces

I don’t know about you, but I think moss can be so beautiful! I love how tactile it is, and how each pieces covers an object so naturally in a thin carpet. There are many varieties of moss, some found in your backyard, and some more exotic, but all will work for a lovely centerpiece.

You can find living moss at your local florist if it doesn’t grow near you, or you can try your hand at making your own with this tutorial. Martha Stewart also has a great how-to for creating your own moss centerpiece.

I also have a recipe for growing moss at home, I’m not sure where I pulled it from though!

1. Place a handful of moss into a blender along with a ½ teaspoon of sugar and a cup of buttermilk or yogurt.

2. Blend just enough to mix the ingredients into a paste.

3. Generously spread the mixture onto the surface where you want moss to grow.

Note: For best results, grow moss in shady areas. Do not wet the mixture once it is applied to the growing surface, it should be able to sustain life on it’s own.

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