Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding websites over wedding registries

I’ve run in to a few instances this season where brides want to include their registry in their invitation design, and I’ve been torn about providing a solution. While I understand the logic behind this, it’s still considered bad etiquette among some guests. So instead of plastering their registry information on their enclosure cards, I’ve been suggesting a substitute — their wedding website.

The website tends to be a classier way to provide additional information to guests, including where to purchase gifts for the bride and groom.

TheKnot.com has a free website service, but those can occasionally have long url’s, not suitable for a small card enclosure.

Here are a few of my favorite free sites: 
Onewed and eWeddingIn addition to the registry information, many of these sites offer photo uploads, online rsvp features, audio/video, downloads for your guests and much more!

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Amanda said...

100% agree - invitations are meant to include family friends to share your wedding day, and not to ask for money or gifts.

Heather Martin said...

I totally agree! I love The Knot's free websites and it is a lot classier to let them know where you are registered at.