Friday, November 6, 2009

Girl Scout Cookie Favors — Anyone?

I cannot believe I never thought of this — well I suppose it’s just another reason to renew our vows — Girl Scout Cookies. My husband sent me a tempting email today, someone at his work had a daisy who was selling cookies, and I told him I wanted one of everything. There’s not a lot of sweet things I don’t like, so it’s no surprise that I like GS Cookies — but these are different. I almost can’t live without them! This is why I’m so sick about not having them at my wedding!

I mean for cryin’ out loud, I myself was a brownie and girl scout, not to mention — who doesn’t like at least one type of GS Cookies?!

If I had to do it again, I probably wouldn’t give everyone a full box of em’, just maybe 4 cookies, nestled in a cute little paper wrapping. Boxed up and ready to be eaten!

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Holly said...

Yummy! Who Doesn't love a Girl Scout Cookie. Great idea!
Holly @ Hip Weddings

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL idea! Nobody doesn't like GS cookies!!

Aletha | Pearls Events said...

I was a brownie too :) My favs are Samoas - yummmm