Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Covered Votives

I love the romantic glow of candlelight, there’s just nothing like it! I saw a few DIY projects in some of my favorite crafting magazines over the holiday break, and they inspired me to add a little light to my home decor.

You could definitely transform these ideas into wedding décor; like these tall glass pillars with table numbers, or add a sprinkling of tiny votives around each table. I love the idea of using vintage papers or sheet music to decoupage the votives as well, it adds an elegant pattern to the mix.

There’s about a million different ways to cover a votive, so look into it and see what fits your style. Just make sure it won’t catch fire halfway through the wedding!

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Bicoastal Bride said...


VISION Photography | www.mytruevision.com | This is my true vision said...

I found your blog today on the bride tide top 100 list. congratulations!

Greetings from two photographers in Atlanta, GA

Lisa Marie, Orange and Blossom said...

These are lovely ideas! How about vintage French love letters? Dreamy. Or, the couple could use vellum and a fun, scripty font to create candle wraps of all the things they are thankful for or blessed by, or things they love about each other: "Ella loves that Tim makes her fresh-squeezed orange juice on Saturday mornings." Great post!

Sarah said...

Hi, Kristin! So glad I found your blog...great to know other people in the industry:) Thanks for coming over and checking out my "to do list"! The light in our DR is from PB, but not they have a total knock-off at Overstock for only $45!!! Here's the link:

Kristin @ bridal buzz said...

Thanks Sarah, you've been a huge help! I'm trying to get a few things spruced up around the house while I have the down time (and the snow to keep us indoors).

Bird said...

I love these votives so much, the sheet music is stunning but my favorite is the version with the table numbers. I think I may do that for my own wedding. Thank you for the idea!