Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shoes for a Tea-Length Affair

With tea-length bridesmaid dresses being all the craze, brides are focusing more and more on what their maids will wear on their feet. Of course, the dress is most important, but the shoes, oh the shoes! If you don’t want a matchy-matchy look, you’ll probably have to get a little creative in this department.

My lovely sister-in-law is planning a July 2010 wedding, and the topic of shoes was brought up recently. I thought about it for weeks and have finally come up with some ideas.

Here's a little background info: She’s going with an airy sea glass color pallete with a little bit of blush thrown in for accents. Bridesmaid dresses will be tea length (not this exact dress) and in a light shade of ice blue.

Solution: Metallic shoes are always an option, as they can be considered a neutral color. These first two pumps would bring in a nice warm shade of pink and gold to the mix. I also like the second two strappy heels because they’ll keep the focus on the dress. Because these are made with such a small amount of material, you’ll barely notice your girls have shoes on at all! Finally, the last few selections have more of a classic look—a blush pink or ivory pump.

And don’t forget a cute pair of flip flops for later in the evening!

Sources: All photos taken from J Crew Wedding.

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Anonymous said...

Just LOVE these shoes, and although you say they are for tea-length bridesmaid, i feel they would have gone just perfect with my Romona Keveza couture gown. I just thought I would leave behind a little tid bit of helpful info for any brides to be. Being such a happy bride I feel obliged to share my expirience so hopefully all other women can have the success finding a dress as I did with Romona Keveza. I was recently married in a beautiful Romona Keveza couture gown and I could not have been more pleased with it. The fabric, the fit, everything! It was so flattering even on my less than perfect figure...With all the hectic planning around my wedding, this dress was one thing I didn't worry about. My Romona Keveza gown made my wedding day amazing :) Wish the same luck to all future brides.

Mermaid's Purse said...

This is a side note to your article. Seeing how you are using cool summery colors, a July wedding is the perfect time to also consider wearing sea glass jewelry as a unique, green coastal accessory. Sea glass us beautiful and most pieces are vintage or antique. Would be happy to be of service. Check out the gallery...I also do custom designs. Sorry to meander, your article is great.:)

Fair Winds Calm Seas, Deborah Leon

barnali said...

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Rug Cleaning said...

I love these featured foot wear! It look so elegant and very sophisticated, I like the colors too.

we buy houses said...

The dress is lovely and the shoes are stunning. All these shoes would really match the dress.

Courtney said...

Ah, J.Crew. How I love you!