Friday, March 12, 2010

Guest Book Alternatives

The guest book—its one of those age old traditions that nobody really wants to break, but really, is it practical anymore? I had a guest book, and it currently sits at the top of our linen closet wondering what its purpose is in life. I concur.

While I still like the idea of capturing messages and names from your special day, I think we can do better than a traditional guest book. See some of these more modern ideas:

Typewriter guest book: Set out a vintage typewriter fed with some acid-free writing paper, or vintage note cards. You could even post a sign that encourages guests to write a wishful message along with their names. This would be a great item to frame after the wedding as well!

Song Dedication Cards: Have a stack of song dedication cards made up by your stationery (or DIY them), so guests of all ages can request a song. Leave enough room at the bottom for a sweet message to the bride and groom. Spread the cards all over the reception area—at the bar, at each guests’ place setting, or even at the guest book table (and don’t forget the little pencils). Your guests will love having their favorite tunes played in their honor, and you’ll love all the heartfelt messages you can keep later on.

Polaroid Photo Book: Set out a few Polaroid cameras along with a blank album with room to write next to each photo. Guests can take photos at will and fill in the album with memories and notes from the big day. Start them off right with a snapshot of the two of you, along with a note on what to do. You’ll get a variety of guest shots and hopefully some sweet notes to take home.
Note: since Polaroid cameras and film can sometimes be hard to find, also think about alternatives like the Fuji instax camera.

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Rachel said...

One of the coolest ideas I've heard of is to do your guestbook on wine bottles... if you buy white use dark markers and if you buy red use a silver market. but have guests sign on the wine bottles, so when you open them in the next year, you can remember that special day!

Kristin @ bridal buzz said...

Great idea, I have yet to see that one! Thanks for sharing!

Memento Photo Booth said...

These are all fun guest book ideas. We provide guest books with photo booth pictures, the guests take the pictures, we give them a copy and paste a copy in the guest book for them to leave a message next too. Another fun incorporation of photography into an event. The poloraid idea is fun too, another blast from the past in the world of photography! Thanks for sharing.

Luxury Weddings said...

How about using your engagement photos or pre-wedding photos mounted on a black card. At the wedding, guests can write their messages on the mount using silver pen and then you can put it up on the wall at home for all to see.

Savoir Weddings said...

Really cool ideas! I'm always looking for good ideas like these.

Audra Colpitts said...

Love the typewriter idea! Another great idea that I've seen for guest books is to have a bunch of branches in a vase and then guests can write on note cards and attach them to the branches with ribbon. Of course, a guest book made from your engagement portraits is a great idea too. ;)

Evonne & Darren Photography said...

These are awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing!