Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Butterfly Art

Editor's Note: This post can now be found in the snip & scribble archives.

So it's not really wedding related, exactly, but I thought I'd share anyway. After we had our last baby shower I really wanted to hold on to all the cards, but had nothing to do with them, and nowhere to put them. So I came up with a solution... with a little inspiration from this butterfly punch tutorial . I ended up punching out little butterflies from each card and came up with this piece, to hang in the nursery:

I'm thinking you could totally use this (with another craft punch) to keep a memento of all your bridal shower cards. You could even find a fun punch to use for your place cards if you got really ambitious!

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Ipswich Event Services said...

that is a fantastic idea - I have been holding on to cards for ages think what the hell am I going to do with them - and it is a great project for the kids with their old birthday cards - well done! - I am going to share this with my facebook fans

bubbachenille said...

Yay I have come over to have a look from Tanias share on FB, Awesome idea and it looks sooooo good, especially because it re cycled!

Becca said...

So beautiful! I'm definitely going to pinch this idea - I am a terrible hoarder of cards.

Katie and Brock said...

I just had my own shower last weekend. This is perfect! Thank you =)

Mary Lyn said...

I love this idea - very clever and perfect for the baby's nursery!

April {April Foster Events} said...

adorable! Great job!

Skyler said...

this is really neat looking!

i love saving all the nice cards we get though the years...this is a great idea!

check out (COPY & PASTE)
for some nice free samples and wedding day items.

Christa, Joe & Aidan said...

such a cool idea!!!!!!!! Thank you!!