Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Save the sunglasses!

After years of wearing a cheap pair of sunglasses (probably a drugstore find), that left me with a mark across my nose everytime I wore them… I finally invested in a nice pair of Calvin Klein shades, and am happy as a clam (if clams wore sunglasses… they should)!

Now all I needed was a nice case so that they didn’t get all scratched up when I threw them in the bottomless pit also known as my handbag.

Etsy to the rescue! I found the shop of oktak and am in love with this eyeglass case that suits my funky taste. 

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The Pissed Off Bride said...

I just love Etsy! Cute case by the way

amanda (vintageglam) said...

I love these!
I always forget to bring my sunglasses case when I go out, I should get one of these for each purse :)

I'm adding to my list, your blog is lovely!