Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One-of-a-kind bridal bag

About 5 years ago, my grandmother decided that her wedding gown, which had been in her closet for almost 5 decades, needed a new purpose in life. She secretly had 5 small handbags made for each of her 5 grand daughters made with the satin and lace of her gown. I received mine at a time when I was not thinking about a wedding at all, but it made that future time in my life that much more exciting!

When it came time for me to tie the knot, I carefully placed a select few items into my bag, things that carried as many memories as that very bag. A pipe from my grandfather (it still smelled just like I remembered him) paired with a tiny bottle of old southern comfort, cinnamon gum (in remembrance of my other grandfather), and a vintage handkerchief, also given to me by my grandmother. There was still enough room to throw in some makeup items for touchups later on in the night.

Personal or not, bags like this are essential to a bride on her big day. Check out the bottom row of bags on etsy for inspiration!

Left to right: peacock clutch, gold pleated clutch, aubergine honesty clutch.

My Grandmother and me with my beloved bridal bag on the day of my wedding.

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Jennifer said...

What a beautiful picture! You were a beautiful bride and I love the idea of turning an old wedding dress into clutches or handbags!

bridal buzz said...

Thank you jennifer, you are too kind!