Thursday, November 20, 2008

Parklife Press: Custom Letterpress + Design

This last week I have been exchanging emails with Travis from Parklife Press, about his amazing letterpress products. I’ve drooled over many letterpress items in my day, but have never wanted to pay the money or wait to have a huge project like this completed.

Parklife press has managed to break through from the traditional letterpress limitations (time and $$), by offering a standard turnaround time of 3 weeks along with a final cost that is about a third as much as many other letterpress studios. I really like the fact that clients work with Travis personally to create a purely custom invitation set, with the help of his antique 1904 hand-fed Chandler & Price letterpress.

Travis was also kind enough to send me a few of his favorite samples (get your own
here), which were stunning. Not only did the design and typography stand out in a crowd, the actual letterpress printing was even more luscious than his photos give credit to. The imprint is not only crisp, but deeper than the Grand Canyon, and the paper, oh the paper! It’s 100% cotton paper, and is the softest style I've ever felt.

If you’re thinking about going the letterpress route, you absolutely must
contact Travis for more information; this is by far my favorite letterpress studio, ever!

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

They are beautiful, aren't they! I just sent away for my samples! Thanks for the tip!!!