Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Midnight snacks

Snacks are important to late night party-goers, because you have to have something in your belly if you plan on dancing all night (can you say after party)! A new trend of offering a “midnight” snack has hit the wedding world, and I can’t complain. I’ve been to a few weddings that served coffee and Krispy Kremes, soda and white castle burgers, or cookies and milk to their guests before the night ended… Our own wedding offered a buffet of warm soft pretzels and cheese along with some non-alcoholic beverages to wake people up!

I love this idea, because who doesn’t get the munchies after an evening of cocktails and dancing. It’s a nice little treat that can make us feel like kids again!

Anyone have any clever ideas for a midnight snack?

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sjponte15 said...

How did I miss the pretzels and cheese? Man, I'm bummed!

Miss Angel said...

Mini burgers and fries -- can't go wrong!