Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teacup candle feedback

Last week I was following up with the customer who purchased the ivory lattice teacup candle, and was overwhelmed with this lovely message she sent back:

Hi Kristen,
I received the teacup candle a few days ago - darling! I'm using it on my wedding day as a memorial candle, actually. We lost one of the matriarchs of the family very recently who came to this country by way of Jamaica & England and was of course an advid tea drinker. The candle will be placed next to a canvassed sepia picture I had made in her honor.

Hopefully, after the event I can have it refilled.

Thank you so much! This piece is absolutely perfect.


It's people like this that really make you love what you do. Thanks for the note Rachel!

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Liz (The Wedding Bistro) said...

What a sweet message! The details of the teacup are gorgeous.

sjponte15 said...

Yeah Kristin! That's awesome! How wonderful to think you will have a part in someone's special day in that way!