Monday, March 16, 2009

Something Blue

I'm a pearl girl, all the way. I totally favor pearls over anything else in my jewelry, which is obviously why this little beauty caught my eye. Delicately hand made with a splash of "something blue", this necklace would be the perfect addition to any wedding gown.

I love the packaging too, so classy! Visit Something Blue on Etsy for more beautiful designs!

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

LOVE the blue box!!! Anyone ever heard the Old Italian Wives Tale, that to wear pearls on your wedding day brings "tears?"

I had never heard of it until my husbands Sicilian grandmother made me promise NOT to wear them! (that was in 2001...)

I'll have to research that one a bit more...

SomethingBlue said...

What a lovely feature! Thank you so much for recognizing my shop, and the wonderful compliments.

amber {daisy chain} said...

Bra-vo on the package, wow, I just love it.

Ashley said...

This is so pretty! I am a sucker for GREAT packaging!


Cat said...

Are you a June baby? I always find that June babies love pearls!! I sure do!

vintage jewelry said...

The one who will see it will definitely love this cute necklace. Yes the packaging is very classic and beautifully designed. I will do view the other designs too.