Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Garnet Girl Designs

Check out these delicate rings by Garnet Girl Designs via Etsy. My favorite is the ballerina ring (top left), its natural looking, soft and sweet, and makes a huge statement on your finger!

Guys: Looking for something to spoil your bride-to-be with? Why not surprise her with a gorgeous accessory that she can debut while walking down the aisle!

Garnet Girl’s bio on Etsy pretty much sums up her design theory, and this is exactly why we love her stuff: 
My number one inspiration for a design concept is color. I love bright, rich hues coupled with rough tooled bands, bringing out the beauty in both. I try to offer you elegant jewelry that you won't worry about wearing.

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un-bride said...

Ooh -- shiny! Pretty!

SomethingBlue said...

These are very pretty! Would be good for Mother's Day too!