Tuesday, June 16, 2009

300th post

Today is Tuesday, and on a regular week, I don't really like Tuesdays. However this Tuesday is a little bit different, since it's my 300th post! I’m so excited to say I’ve made it to this point, as I never thought I would last in the blogging world when I first started out. With the support of some amazing people, bloggers and readers, we did it! Thank you everyone, you have truly made this experience worthwhile and enjoyable.Now, on to the real post for today. For any big celebration, you just have to have cake!

I ran across Consumed by Cake on Flickr, of all places, where I fell in love with her clean, no nonsense designs, and joyful use of color where needed.

Working out of Worthing, West Sussex, UK, this home-based bakery makes confections that look too pretty to eat! My favorite are the weddings cakes that take a simple concept and dress it up with a pretty accessory — be it a flower, a brooch or a slice of ribbon. You can visit their website directly, or check them out on Flickr for some great inspiration!

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