Monday, June 15, 2009

Fan programs can take the heat

I finished up a large order of gorgeous fan programs last week for a bride who will be debuting them in her outdoor ceremony soon. Programs are a simple element, that often get overlooked, and I tend to think they're one of the most important pieces of the day! Guests want to know what's happening, and the names of your faithful bridal party.

Think about how your programs can be a helpful accessory at your wedding ceremony... mounted on a stick, tied with a bow, or even hand-stitched to a favor!

Also check out this insightful article over at titled Want to Get Married Outdoors? No Sweat! It lists some great ideas and tips, along with some things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.

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Le'Trice: LEPENN|DESIGNS said...

Your fans turned out just lovely...very cute!

PDX Bride said...

Can I ask where you got the handles?? I am wanting to make fan programs for my wedding as well, but I wasn't sure about where to find such a thing.

myrnakelisd said...

Really very unique collection
very nice!!

Kristin @ bridal buzz said...

I purchased the handles in bulk from Kiefer Auction Supply, here's a link:

Designer Clothes said...

Hey good to see this and thanks for providing the links.