Monday, August 31, 2009

Lollipop Workshop

I keep telling myself, that when it comes time for my vow renewal, I'll be all set, since I've found about a hundred favorite wedding items since I said I do about two years ago. Until then, I'm enjoying some of these cute and creative finds...

These cake toppers are the best thing ever! They're handmade, obviously, and sport the most adorable little details (see the grass and flowers)! Lollipop Workshop will customize your cake topper to your little heart's content!

Lollipop Workshop also makes birthday cake toppers, like this one featured at the Leanne Stamatellos Photography Blog. I love them all!

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Leanne Stamatellos Photography said...

Thank you for kindly linking my Photography blog to your site - this is a lovely surprise. I'm looking forward to reading your blog too.