Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bakerella does it again

From time to time I like to browse creative blogs like Bakerella — you know the one. I'll sit there and dream about the hobbies I might have, if I had enough time for hobbies to begin with. I've always loved baking, and severly salivate every time I see new projects from Bakerella, but this latest project triggered some wedding favor ideas!

Bakerella spruced up a recipe for Cowboy Cookies, coincidentally turning them into Cowgirl Cookies with some pink m&m's. She then made some cookie mixes from that same recipe, creating a gorgeous little take-away gift for all to enjoy! I loved this idea so much that I decided to share it with you all —as a favor idea. Just think, m&m's come in every color under the sun, so these would be an easy and fun project to customize with your wedding colors!

Add a little tag or sticker with your names and some light directions and you're golden! I bet you could even cut the recipe in half for a mini-batch in some smaller (easier to lug around) jars.

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Prost to the Host said...

What a creative idea for a favor! Looks delicious too!

Kristin @ bridal buzz said...

I'm thinking about making a batch soon... I haven't had cookies with m&m's in too long! :)

jessica lynn said...

LOVING this! sending a batch to my friends in a care package soon! :) if you make them let me know how they turn out! :)

Kristin @ bridal buzz said...

I did actually make these last week, and they turned out amazing! I didn't add the nuts like the recipe calls for, but eh, you get the idea.

The mix of oats, chocolate and the best cookie dough you'll ever taste was a winner in my book!

Good luck Jessica!