Friday, September 11, 2009

Invitation inspiration from lillyella

I ran across this adorable blog called lillyella today, and saw that this fabulous jewelry designer also created her own wedding invitations. I love it when creativity spreads from one medium to another!

I just wanted to share some pictures she has up on her blog, as they are beautiful and oh-so creative! You can read the full story here!

I think my favorite part about these is the little booklet style invitation, and how the back cover wraps around and is sewn in place. I can just imagine the delight of her guests as they receive this pretty package in the mail — and opening it to find a small booklet designed just for them!

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lillyella said...

Thanks so much for sharing my invitations!
~ nicole @ lillyella

Furniture removal said...

Wow! Your blogs is full of fabulousity for weddings. I love it. This invitation card is modern very earthy color. I just love it.

online learning said...

Stunning card designs. I love the nature like themed of this card. It’s elegant and neat.