Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wine Cork Place Cards

I like these, I really like these — unfortunately I have nowhere to use them. Our dinner parties are much too casual for seating cards, and I don’t plan on helping with any tuscan weddings in the future… but I liked them so much that I thought I’d do the math for you…

So say you stuck with the one wine cork per card, and you have 200 place/escort cards for the reception, that would work out to about 210 corks (200 plus a few extra for mistakes).

If you’re planning with a year to spare, that would mean finishing about 4 bottles of wine every week, if it’s just the two of you. You could always you enlist help from both sets of parents, which would equal a more realistic 6 bottles a month from all 3 parties.

You could always ebay the corks, but that’s not as special at collecting them yourselves. Another, more realistic option would be to use corks for the table numbers only, or for little signs all over the reception (menus, drink cards, etc.)

Here is a great
tutorial from Weddingbee's by Mrs. D’orsay, on how to make these little card holders.

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Heather Martin said...

I love this idea! I would absoultely love drinking wine and thinking after im finished I get to keep the cork for my place cards!

How creative!

Nadia said...

I love this idea and intend to use it at my reception. I've actually enlisted the help of all my family and friends to save corks for us until our wedding day. I'm sure that'll help us get all the corks we need. I do have one question for the bride that has done this already. How did you cut the cork? I tried cutting it with a knife and could barely make a dent. Did you have a special knife or cutting utensil? Many thanks!

Becky said...

What a great idea! I love wine and I know my family and friends would fully expect me to integrate my love of wine into the wedding. If we decide to have assigned seating I will definitely be using this idea. Thanks!!

Jenny said...

I love this so much I featured it on my blog today :)
hope that is ok and come check it out when you have a moment!


Lisa said...

our local wineshop, which we spend WAY too much time visiting, has a cork-recycling program. We asked them to save us champagne corks for our placecards - had 200 corks a month later. You could also ask your favorite restaurant.