Friday, October 16, 2009

A Lifelong Commitment — Choosing Your Photographer!

The first time I ever had my picture taken professionally was after I got my braces off, around the age of 13. It was part of the whole orthodontic package, and made me feel like a superstar, sort of. Next, senior pictures at the age of 17, and a family photo somewhere around 18. Finally came my wedding, and the whirlwind of photo ops along with that.

I think it was after the wedding proofs came back, that I really realized how much I valued a good photo. Since then, I’ve been dreaming up occasions to have a photo session again — anniversaries, new puppy, future baby bump shots, and the list goes on.

If you can, think about using the same photographer for all of these monumental moments. That way when you flip back in your photo album, or hang up a selection of framed prints, they’ll all look cohesive and focused.

Above, a selection of photos from one of my favorite local photographers, Kaela Lang of Kaleidoscope Photography. Kaela has photographed everything from weddings and engagements to babies and families. She has a way of capturing the most beloved moments, and has some great location ideas as well. If you’re in the Mid-Michigan area, you should definitely schedule a shoot with Kaela. Check out her blog for more inspiring photos.

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Picasso Perfect Photography said...

Amazing wedding photographs!!! I love the one of the rings on the babies toes!! Keep up the good work!!

Picasso Perfect Photography

photos mariage originales said...

Fabulous photographs, really like the style.