Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LOVE that etsy shop: Rigel Stuhmiller

I’m starting a new section, here on Bridal Buzz, called LOVE that etsy shop. Since there are so many darn etsy shops out there, I thought I would start a little collection of my favorite artists.

To start off this feature, I’d like to kindly introduce Rigel Stuhmiller's shop. Rigel is an illustrator/printmaker, and is darn good at it too. Her illustrations are playful and graphic, and the letterpress printing just tops it all off. My favorite collection is the funny pet portrait letterpress cards she has up on her shop, they’re so full of personality!

Most of Rigel’s designs would be perfect for a quirky set of wedding invitations, or just for a collection of thank you notes for home.

You can see more about Rigel Stuhmiller at her site, or purchase her lovely prints/cards at her Etsy shop

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Prost to the Host said...

I love letterpress. if I could, I would letterpress all my correspondence. If only!