Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vintage Photography + Wedding Invitations

It's not often I get asked to incorporate a photograph into a wedding invitation — in fact I usually find them to be hard to work with. But this time around, it was too perfect for words.

Caryn (a good friend of mine) came to me with the photo, and wanted her wedding invitation to be designed around it. The black and white photo was of her grandparents, and looked like one of those inserts you see in a really expensive vintage frame. Let's just say it was picture perfect.

We decided to mat the photo onto the front of her plum booklet-style invitation, with the rest of the information tucked safely inside. The whole thing slipped into a vellum envelope, with the photo peeking out through the front, and then safely tucked inside the outer envelope.

I loved the finished piece, so unique and modern, with a touch of vintage.

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Holly said...

Beautiful concept and invitation. Really, just gorgeous.

sjponte15 said...

Agreed, I loved it!

wedding photographers said...

It's a beautiful result and almost a tribute to the grandparents, I bet they loved it!

photos originales mariage said...

What an unbelievably generous post - so much great information, thank you!