Friday, October 9, 2009

Sexy Side Buns

The low side bun seems to be making an appearance among starts lately, and I’m just taking it all in. I wish my hair were a little more giving, and then I might try to pull off one of these stunning looks!

The side bun look can actually be quite diverse, seemingly polished and sleek on some ladies, or messy and playful on others. Either way you wear it, this look is stunning and sexy, and I’m all about it!

If I could pull this off, I'd be particularly in favor of a looser look, that way you won’t have a meltdown during your reception if a strand of hair comes loose — because you know it’ll happen sooner or later.

Sources: Evangeline, Audrina, Taylor, Miley, Tyra, Kristen, Kelly, Isla.

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Becca said...

love this! Thank you for sharing!!