Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have It Sweet!

Have you ever gotten to that point where your google reader is so backed up that you find yourself just avoiding it all together? Over the holidays I spent little to no time on my computer, as the real world took ahold of me. I hate to admit it, but I actually pushed that Mark all as read button once or twice. I know! I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t bare to look at those skyrocketing numbers any longer!

Well the good news is, I’ve finally caught back up with some of my favorite daily reads, and have come across some wonderful ideas in the process. Check out this post on Have It Sweet via The Inspired Bride last week.

Not only would these gourmet sweets make a yummy favor, they’re beautiful enough to display for the world! Don’t even think about tucking these little morsels into a paper box, they definitely need to be in a clear cello bag at the very least! Or display a variety of them in vintage candy dishes for a gourmet candy buffet.

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Tania - Jet Designs said...

why is it that I everytime I am hungry I find blog with food pictures - Thanks for the link though will go an check it out!