Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Martha's Centerpiece Roundup

It seems like flowers and centerpieces are constantly evolving. There are so many more new and innovative ways to decorate your ceremony and reception sites, more than I even had merely 3 years ago!

While perusing Martha Stewart Weddings the other day, I ran across a few of my favorite, breathtaking floral inspirations. I'm just amazed at the sheer number of ideas out there—use it to your advantage ladies, and check out Martha's 50 favorite centerpieces now!

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Tania - Jet Designs said...

Thanks for the constant inspiration - I am looking at exhibiting at a bridal expo where I live later in the year and your site has been a wealth of inspiration - Cheers Tania

Cam said...

I needed this post. This is one area of planning my wedding that I seriously going to checkout the 50 faves.

Orlando Wedding Photographer said...

love the nests in the 1st pic very creative

Anonymous said...

I like to use broken vases and place fower straticially around the broken picees Your wright there is no end to using unique vessels and putting slmple flowers. Thanks for the inspiration. Liked MS in a can.