Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Autumn Mood Board

It's getting closer to that time again... yes, autumn! Luckily I love this time of year, where the smells and scenes tickle your senses. Aside from all the goodies fall brings, the colors put on a show of their own!

I absolutely love the deep saturated colors we often see in autumn, especially when translated into a wedding. However, sometimes it seems like brides feel the need to incorporate every single fall color into their wedding, resulting in a tie-dye effect. Since the colors are already so bold, think about possibly picking just one and carrying it throughout the wedding. You could even go so far as to choose shades of that same color, like this mood board from green wedding shoes. I love the dark pink and plum shades!

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anna and the ring said...

Oh grey and deep pink. Beautiful.

MoralesVilanova said...

I love fall colors!