Monday, October 12, 2009

Mixed Media Cake Topper

I saw this sweet little post over at design*sponge on friday about Grace's fabulous wedding food, including the cake. I about died when I saw the cake topper, in all it's vintage-y glory. Grace commissioned Kate Runnels to design her cake topper, where she mixed a pair of vintage paper wedding figures with other mediums including some dainty embroidery.

I love the idea of repurposing an old cake top, and making it into a trendy accessory for your wedding cake, especially if you're going for that vintage feel. Go ahead, peruse your grandmothers attic, or even ebay for that matter. I guarantee you'll find that perfect little piece to sit atop your cake.

Photos courtesy of design*sponge.

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Crystal Lullaby said...

I love this cake topper, it's so cute and unique!

Wedding said...

I love these cakes!

Unique Weddings said...

Those are some classy looking wedding cakes. Very nice!